Into the Shimmering Light

Into the Shimmering Light
Published by Old Vine Books LLC
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979-8-9885024-0-1 (Paperback), 979-8-9885024-1-8 (eBook)

Set in northwest Ohio, these stories are about the continual process of finding and pursuing a path through life.  You’ll meet people young and old guided by nature’s shimmering light.  The stories in this volume are:

Why Polar Bears Swim ... a reporter tries to understand the reason behind an unusual ritual.

The Internship Report ... a college student writes about an intimidating internship. 

River Rats ... a son must choose between continuing a family legacy and forging his own path.

Paradise Skate ... an incompatible flame lures a college student from his path.

The Blizzard of ’78 ... extreme weather leads a business owner to re-evaluate his priorities.

Our Big Muley ... an artifact from the past provides new insight to a father.

Atop the Black Maple ... a retiree prepares his retirement cocoon, but nature wants more.

Old Vine Zin with an Old Time Friend ... a man and his old friend share wine, memories, and grief.

Paperback and eBook | 168 pages | 5.5" x 8.5" | 979-8-9885024-0-1 (Paperback), 979-8-9885024-1-8 (eBook)